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On the 1st of October 2018, The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities) Legislation 2018 came into force, covering a number of animal activities that require a licence, including home boarding and home day care.

New legislation to improve animal welfare and to standardise practices across England had been needed for some time, and was welcomed by the industry as a whole. The details contained within the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) guidance that sits alongside The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities) Legislation 2018 were not, however, what the industry was expecting. With conflicting guidance statements and confusing descriptions of standards within the guidance, a large number of previously licensed home boarders were facing significantly reduced incomes or complete closure. Read more…

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Association of Dog Boarders

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Association of Dog Boarders

Association of Dog Boarders

A page for home boarders and day carers to follow for up dates on the association and campaign.

Just thinking about all my dogs nicknames and I can't stop laughing about this. ... See MoreSee Less
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There are some posts going around saying that rapeseed is highly toxic for dogs. This is simply not true!The veterinary poisons information service, the vets go to in the UK for all poison related questions, wants this myth dispelled! It doesn't cause blindness or anaemia. It may cause some tummy upset if eaten and in RARE instances some skin irritation for which some may be very sore, but for many dogs no symptoms at all.Lets dispel the myth!**crop fields can contain chemicals, best not to allow dogs to run through them**www.animallovepetfirstaid.co.ukUnique courses taught by a vet ... See MoreSee Less
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I am seeing a few adder bites right now, not necessarily me personally but other vets too. Aprils here, adders out. First up I read a lot of post advising to give antihistamine on the way to the vet. 1. it will not work that quickly, and may stop your vet giving the injection into the vein. 2. antihistamines can be extremely dangerous for epileptic pets. Your vet may advice an antihistamine if your journey is long and your pet is not epileptic. Get their heart rate down, so carry them if possible. Pour cold water, use an ice pack, or a latex glove filled with cold water on the area. It is an animal bite, even if they didn't have a reaction, it is still dirty, it is still likely to lead to an infection, some can be nasty. Clean with pre-injection alcohol wipes, or leucillin. Do not rub hard, just a gentle clean.Vets need a licence to stock antivenom, it is also expensive AND reserved for humans, so you may be requested to drive to collect some if your vet is struggling. Human hospitals often stock it, so it is worth asking them if needed.You can get leucillin from my online shop along with other first aid essentials www.animallovepetfirstaid.co.uk/shop ... See MoreSee Less
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