Are you using a licensed dog boarder?

With the rise in the use of home dog boarders and day carers do you understand the importance of using a licensed operator?

If you choose someone who is operating illegally without a licence the chances are that their insurance will be invalid should anything happen to your pup.

When you choose a licensed dog boarder you can be safe in the knowledge that they have had to prepare policies that adhere to the Animal Welfare Law (licensed activities) 2018.

These policies include cleaning regimes, exercise and play plans, emergency procedures in the event of a fire or flood etc and many more.

There will have been an inspection of the property to ensure it is suitable and safe. The inspector will decide how many dogs they feel is safe to have in the home, so there is no worry of cramming dogs in, stacking them in crates, or leaving them all day to go and do another job.

The licensed dog boarder will have also had to pay a licence fee which shows they are invested in what they do.

There are some unlicensed boarders who are very good, but they are operating illegally and there is a fine and prison sentence attached to the offence.

I know which I’d choose.