Primary Authority Partnership

The Association of Dog Boarders has entered into a Primary Authority Partnership with City of London Corporation.
In short it will enable members to receive consistent inspections, no adding things in, no making things up or creating bizarre rules like not allowing carpets or rooms with sofas.

Being a member will mean that if your inspector deviates from the regulations or guidance, whether it be issuing 1 star because that’s what they’ve decided or not allowing a bathroom because they don’t agree with it or insisting on kennel cough for every boarding dog, you can inform us at the ADB and we will contact the City of London for advice.

If they agree that the inspector has deviated, they will, in the first instance, contact the inspector and talk through the guidance with them. This is usually all that is required. Should the inspector not take the informal advice then the City of London can issue what is known as ‘Assured Advice’. This then becomes statutory and the ‘advice’ must be adhered to.

Having spoken to Heather Woodward today, the assistant director of the primary authority scheme, we feel confident that this will be the answer to a lot of our members issues.

As with anything there may be times when City of London have to be more cautious over their approach, for example, if a number of allowed dogs has been capped despite the number of available rooms, it may be that there is a good reason the inspector made this decision. However, if this is something being implemented across an authority then we can approach City of London with this.

This fantastic partnership comes free with you membership.

What if I’m happy with my inspector?  Being a member of the ADB automatically includes enrolment in the partnership, but you are free to opt out at any time.

Your business details will be shared on the Primary Authority Database. The idea is that local authority inspectors check the database before they visit to see if you are covered by a Primary Authority and they are able to check if any assured advice has already been issued under this partnership. Certificates will be available to show that you are have opted in to the partnership. If an inspector arrives and is not aware of your primary authority status, please let us know.

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at or join the chat in the Facebook group.

Here are some links you may find useful before you make a decision:

Please only use this form if you want to OPT OUT of the Primary Authority Partnership.