“As a sole trader, after 9 years of operating daycare and boarding home from home business, it is wonderful to have a truly professional network that I can go to for help and advice. It is so important that we are represented as a professional body with all the new legislation. Thank you for giving us a united and consistent Association to be part of and that can work on our behalf to improve the way we operate.” SP

“Really good support network for day care or home boarders. This is even more important now with all the new regulations that have been brought in and how different local authorities are interpreting the law.” LF

“Absolutely fantastic team, they are an excellent group of people offering an excellent service and will to go above and beyond to help you in need all in there own time free of charge. They are a valuable asset to and dog boarding or day care facility. Be sure if you have any issues give them a message they will help. I know only to well from personal experience we would not have coped with out them.” ML

“ADB is a great organisation, run by dog boarders for dog boarders. A great wealth of knowledge and always able to answer any queries. Recommended for those in the dog boarding business for advice, guidance and representation in all matters related to dog boarding and daycare.” SC